The Basic Plus group health plan, a product of Redwood Health Services, is now available to new groups. Contact John Nacol at 800-548-7677, Ext. 121, or

This website offers information and support for existing Basic Plus groups only. For information about enrolling in other RHS health plans, visit

Basic Plus is a health plan that provides two types of coverage. The Basic coverage, administered by an insurance carrier, is for hospital care and other major medical services. The Plus coverage, administered by RHS, is for routine care, such as physician office visits and outpatient laboratory and imaging services.

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• Basic Plus Questions and Answers

• Basic Plus Preguntas y Respuestas

• Billing Instructions for Basic Plus Patients

• Basic Coverage

• Plus Coverage

• Combined Basic Plus Coverage

Current Basic Plus members with questions about their coverage should contact Basic Plus Customer Service at 800-548-7677 or

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